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Let’s Compare a few 250cc Dual Sport Bikes

The Kawasaki KLX250, Yamaha XT250, WR250R, and the Honda CRF250L represent a broad range of designs and capabilities. We’ve gathered several dual sport bikes to explore their differences.

Yamaha XT250

The XT250 has a relatively low seat height and more than enough ground clearance for a slightly shorter dual-sport bike. Most off road bikes are usually pretty tall but the XT250 has a seat height that’s lower than 32 inches, still it’s able to clear obstacles more than adequately. The handling on the XT250 is quite nice at low speeds, and it’s turning angle is close to that of a trials bike at 50 degrees, the wheelbase is short so it’s a pretty tight turning vehicle which makes for great maneuverability and sits a very light 291 lbs.

Yamaha XT250 Specs:
Engine type: Single-cylinder
Displacement: 249cc
Bore x stroke: 74 x 58mm
Fueling: EFI
Starting: Electric
Transmission: 5-speed
Wheelbase: 53.5 in
Rake: 26.4°
Trail: 4.2 in
Seat height: 31.9 in
Ground clearance: 11.2 in
Fuel capacity: 2.6 gal
Curb weight: 291 lbs

Yamaha WR250R

The Yamaha WR250R is economical, reliable, capable, and fun to ride anywhere. Dual-sport perfection. But that’s not to say there isn’t an alluring alternative. Whats not to love about the WR250R?! Of all dual sports its got to be the most fun to ride, so much so that people do compare them to the larger DRZ400 dual sport bike. This bike has fully adjustable suspension and good amount of ground clearance making it a great ride on and off road.

Yamaha WR250R Specs:
Engine: Single-cylinder
Displacement: 249cc
Bore x Stroke: 77 x 53.6mm
Fueling: EFI
Starting: Electric
Transmission: 6-speed
Wheelbase: 55.9 in.
Rake: 26.7°T
rail: 4.4 in
Seat Height: 36.6 in
Fuel Capacity: 2.0 gal.
Curb Weight: 295 lb.

Kawasaki KLX250

When compared to the CRF250L the power feels similar with only a bit of difference in the delivery of momentum. The difference between the KLX250 and the CRF250 is that the KLX250 is coming from a mainly a dirt background dating back to the 90’s. The CRF has a smooth linear delivery, whereas the KLX250s has a snappy rev-happy delivery which does require more shifting to keep it in the happy spot. Of course, on the trail the KLX250s was the clear favorite with a more responsive motor, superior suspension and a thinner, more dirt-focused feel

Kawasaki KLX250 Specs:
Engine: Single-cylinder
Displacement: 249cc
Bore x Stroke: 72 x 61mm
Fueling: EFI
Starting: Electric
Transmission: 6-speed
Wheelbase: 56.3 in.
Rake: 26.5°
Trail: 4.1 in
Seat Height: 35.0 in
Fuel Capacity: 2.0 gal.
Curb Weight: 304 lb.

Honda CRF250L

The CRF250L is a pretty friendly trail bike. Ideally, it’s suited to novice riders or the occasional off roader. The ride inspires confidence with stable handling and a neutral feel. The engine is friendly and won’t intimidate you, even on loose surfaces. Taking a closer look at the engine, the 249cc motor seems like it was cloned straight from a CBR250 and then tuned for dual-sport mode. Honda also released a similar model known as the CR250L RALLY. The RALLY gets a larger fuel tank, totally new Dakar-style bodywork, handguards, a floating windscreen, skid plate and even more suspension travel. 

Honda CRF250L Specs:
Engine: Single-cylinder
Displacement: 249cc
Bore x Stroke: 77 x 55mm
Fueling: EFI
Starting: Electric
Transmission: 6-speed
Wheelbase: 56.9 in
Rake: 27.6°
Trail: 4.4 in
Seat Height: 34.4 in
Fuel Capacity: 2.1 gal.
Curb Weight: 322 lb.

One bike isn’t really better than the other, only different, everyone will have their favorites. The motors of most of these bikes feels modern, with a crisp quick start regardless of weather or temperature and requires almost no warm-up; given that all of these wonderful bikes are fuel injected. These bikes offer either a smooth linear delivery or a snappy rev-happy delivery, either way, they’re all great bikes! If looking to have a street cable motorcycle that can kick ass off road you can’t go wrong with any of the above mentioned motorcycles. Also not to mention they are extremely reliable and parts are very inexpensive and easy to get.

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