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Motorcycling Basics: Pre-ride Inspection

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Whether you’re a daily commuter or weekend warrior, dressing for the slide and a pre-ride inspection is a key aspect of maintaining your motorcycle, and keeping your safe.  Let’s breakdown the basics of what you need to look for in a pre-ride inspection.

Leaking fluids – before hoping on your bike, check ground for puddles or dripping fluid off the bottom of the motorcycle.  If you store your bike in the same place regularly, placing a clean piece of cardboard or paper towel underneath will give you a clear indication if any fluids have leaked since your last ride.

Engine oil – before attempting to start up the bike, verify that your motorcycle has oil in it.  Most modern engines have a clear oil-view window.  With the bike upright, verify that the oil level is clearly visible through the window.  Roughly halfway to three quarters full in the window is ideal.

Tires – give both front a rear tires a good look-over to make sure no gashes or excessive wear spots have developed and nothing has punctured the tire.  Tire pressure should be checked every 2 weeks with an accurate PSI gauge.

Chain – ensure your chain is clean and well lubricated before riding.  There should be roughly 1 inch of play in the chain if you move it up and down between the front cog, and rear sprocket.

Throttle and Clutch – verify both throttle and clutch cables operate smoothly and do not stick by turning the throttle to the open position and releasing it.  The throttle should return to the closed position on its own.

Brakes – give the front and rear brake a good squeeze to ensure there is adequate pressure in the lines.

Lights – Verify both headlight and brake/tail light and turn signals are operational before starting out on your ride.

These simple, and quick tips will ensure your motorcycle stays in proper working order and will help keep you safe on the road every time you ride.  For more tips and information, check out our Rider Tips page!  Still have questions?  Use our Contact page to get in touch with us today.  AK Motors is proud to offer a premier selection of used motorcycles at the best prices to the South Bay Area and beyond!  We are conveniently located in Santa Clara, California and are easily accessible to the entire  Bay Area.

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