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San Diego Best Motorcycle Rides

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Whether you’re a new rider, old rider, or someone who just moved to San Diego, everyone needs to know where the best places to ride are. Luckily southern California has some of the best and most scenic routes in the country!

San Diego’s geography includes a mixture of rural and urban communities, from coastal beachfront to mountains and desert. There is definitely a remarkable variety of sceneries in San Diego county. Before we get to what routes to explore, it’s important to remember to fill up on gas beforehand!

Bellow are the top 5 best rides in San Diego for you to enjoy on your motorcycle : )

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1.  Highway 94

Highway 94 is in great shape nowadays which makes it a smooth ride for your motorcycle journey.  The ride is really interesting as you will experience rolling desert hills and you will pass through multiple dry creek beds.  Be prepared with lots of water please : )  Enjoy!

2. Lyons Valley Road

Considering where Lyons Valley road is located, there will be twisties and sweepers along the entire route. Enjoy scenic mountain views, the reservoir, and some high-altitude views of the countryside.

3. Sunrise Scenic Byway

Get ready for a beautiful scenic ride as you climb more than 2000 feet up to the summit. You’ll be able to catch glimpses of the terrains old rocky peaks and dry creak beds. As always, watch out for cyclists and share the road and beware of any fallen debris and uneven road surface up and rod the mountain roads.

4. Hellhole Palms Loop

We’d like to think that one of the more popular choices between San Diegan riders would be the ride out to Julian Pie Company. Enjoy some sweet curves, canyons, and pie! Amazing scenery which includes rocky mountains, lakes, and you’ll even pass the largest state park in California, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.  This is a ride you are sure to enjoy.

5. Palomar Mountain Loop

One of the best and beautiful of them all, the Palomar Mountain loop. It’s one of the many most curviest roads in the US, and one of the most technical stretches of road in California. This ride is a smooth 3000 ft climb with amazing views of as you ascend from the desert basin up through thick evergreen forestland.

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