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Spotlight: 2016 Honda CB500F

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If you’re considering investing in a motorcycle to get around but are unsure what to get, may we suggest the Honda CB500F. The sleek naked design offers great performance while accenting it’s aggressive style. Weighing in at a light 414Lbs combined with a 25.5° rake this bike has good handling and maneuvering through traffic is a breeze which can be useful during rush hour. Motorcycle geometry is something that consumers often overlook but can greatly impact the riding experience. Fortunately the CB500F offers an upright riding position which is a more natural sitting position with your weight resting on your seat and not on your arms as is the case with most sport bikes. The upright sitting position makes this bike a perfect commuter and your back will thank you for it. Mated with a 500cc engine this is not a bike that will quickly be outgrown as it produces 46.1 horsepower at competent 8500 rpm. One of the great joys of riding a motorcycle is the rolling on that throttle and feeling the rush of wind, The CB500F will not disappoint as it can easily reach 60 mph in 5 seconds. Another beauty of this 500cc engine is how efficient it is, and is not uncommon to achieve upwards of 65 mpgs. Ultimately it the Honda CB500F is a great motorcycle all around and would be highly recommended for anyone especially for those living in urban areas. For more info regarding this motorcycle click here

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