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Why You Should Enroll in an MSF course

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Because motorcycle riders, especially beginners, are so prone to accidents, there have been a growing number of MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) courses that aim at increasing rider safety by reducing risk. Though it’s usually aimed at new riders to give them the basic skills to ride on public roads, there are many other reasons even for experienced riders to take a local MSF course that can save some cash and even your life.

A famous study of motorcycle accidents called the Hurt Report, which looked at over 900 accidents in the Los Angeles urban area, found that learning to ride through a hands-on course, such as a local MSF course, cuts the chances of a rider being in an accident to one third when compared to those taught by family or friends. That means that riders who were taught by their peers were three times as likely to be in an accident. Avoiding accidents is not only in your best interest for safety, but it can also save you a huge amount of money in insurance rates rising and repairs.

Even if you never get in an accident, which is much more likely after learning through a course, you can still save money from insurance. Many insurance companies will offer large discounts to riders who had taken the course, which easily offset the initial cost of the class itself. So even if you are an experienced rider, it’s not too late to sign up to a class.

For new riders, this course can be completed even without a motorcycle license and act as a replacement to the DMV riding test, depending on age and specific state laws. In California, being 21 or older with a valid driver’s license means you can complete the course without even having a motorcycle rider’s permit. This is also nice because it can give you a taste of riding and let you decide if you want to actually spend money on a bike.

Signing up is very easy. Simply look up local MSF course and find one near you. There is an excellent one only a few miles from our location. They often have classes after work or during weekends so it won’t interfere with your schedule too much. The course is only a two full days long, often split into half days as well, so you can complete the course anywhere between two to four days.

So in short, it helps keep you safe, it saves you money, and it doesn’t take much time. Every rider, no matter their experience or history, should take this course. Find one today!

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