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How to tips: What kind of helmet should you choose?

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Check out our inventory. The most important part of a motorcycle riders gear is his/her helmet. Riding a motorcycle is a phenomenal experience that’s why safety and responsibility is a must when you’re on the road. According to, motorcycle fatality rates are 58.97 per 100,000 registered motorcycles vs 9.73 fatality car rates  per 100,000 registered cars. That is alarmingly high and it sends a chill down one’s spine. It is always highly recommended to wear body protection (especially a helmet) when riding any two wheeled sport bike/cruiser. Helmets that are designed for cruisers and sport bikes are rounded off at the chin as compared to a dirt bike helmet. There are a variety of choices depending on a riders preference:

  • Open Face
  • Full Face
  • Dual Sport
  • Modular
  • Full Face


There are three standards of safety on helmets that you should look out for when examining helmets- ECE, SNELL and DOT. SNELL would probably be the best choice since its regulations are very strict for crafting helmets. DOT has a set minimum standard of protection and these helmets are usually open from the cheekbone down to the chin. Many writers have said that the ECE is of a similar low safety standard as compared to DOT. During your research for helmets, you should consider material choices, controls and weight, shield options & Visibility, aerodynamics and the safety factors of any helmet. There is a Previous Helmet Posting that points out the specifics, fit, certification, type and usage of helmets. It provides detailed information that would help anyone in choosing what factors to consider when purchasing helmets. As we have always said, AK Motors highly values customer safety and we will work with you to ensure that you are getting the best advice around when it comes to motorcycles. Giving us a call (408) 444-5187 or email us at ( with any questions you have.

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