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Checking your Charging System

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The charging system is one of the most important factors in keeping a motorcycle running. Not only does it provide the electricity to operate our accessories but it also provides the spark required for the combustion process. Bottom line a faulty electrical system can leave riders stranded on the side of the road. Checking the charging system regularly can

Here at AK motors we inspect every bike to ensure reliable operation and customer satisfaction. Here we test the charging system of this beautiful Suzuki GSXR60020161219_144056

First locate the battery (usually found under the seat but varying models will differ)20161219_155250

With the use of a multi-meter, the voltage of the charging system can be measured.
1.) turn on motorcycle and the high beams
2.) turn on multimeter and make sure that it is set to “V” or volts
3.) connect multi-meter to the proper battery terminals, that is red(+) to red(+) and black(-) to black(-).
4.) The Reading on the multi-meter should be between 13.5V and 15V
5.) Rev engine up to 5000 RPM and read voltage measurement
6.) Reading should also be between 13.5V and 15V

This beauty passed both inspections20161219_143843
Final note: A charging system below 13.8 volts may not charge the battery but a charging system below 12.8V is draining the battery and will eventually power off during the operation. THAT IS DANGEROUS.

regularly evaluating the charging system can help the operator avoid accident. It also helps keep the reduce costs as it gives the owner time to plan and explore repair options as opposed to scrambling last minute out of necessitiy.

Safe travels and as always: keep the dirty side down!.

For more information on the Suzuki GXSR600 Click here

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