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Six Reasons To Start Riding

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With all of the obvious risks involved with motorcycles, it’s easy to ask, “Why would anyone want to ride one?” Motorcycles don’t appeal to everyone (especially not to mothers), but ask any long time rider and they’ll tell you that the experience is unbeatable. As enticing as that sounds, it doesn’t appeal to any logical argument on why someone should start riding. So for everyone who is thinking about getting a motorcycle license, here are some reasons why you should go for it.

1) Price
Motorcycles, as a road legal form of motor transportation, are much cheaper than other commuting options. A great used bike for first-time riders can go for much less than five thousand dollars. Compare that to a car, where finding anything under fifteen thousand dollars is difficult and will probably only get you something on the lower end.

2) Reliability
Japanese sport bikes are known for their reliability and longevity. It’s not out of the question for a Honda to go past 80 thousand miles and often over 100 thousand miles if properly maintained. Most well-maintained used bikes aren’t even close to halfway through their lifespan.

3) Gas Mileage
Even though gas mileage is usually an afterthought for most riders, it’s still another great reason to buy a bike. A Suzuki GSXR 600 can easily average 45 miles per gallon, while the smaller but still popular Kawasaki Ninja 300 has an estimated 70 miles per gallon. If you’re a single commuter, bikes can definitely save you some cash at the gas pump.

4) HOV Lane
This point is a bit dependent on where you live and your local road laws, but most freeways will have some sort of carpool lane or HOV lane that allows motorcycles. Not only does this cut down on your commute time and gas consumed significantly, but you can enjoy your commute instead of being frustrated with traffic. This is especially nice if you ride in a state that does not allow lane splitting. And while we’re talking about motorcycle privileges, some parking lots or structures have designated motorcycle parking, which is always nice.

5) Easy Customizations
Aftermarket add-ons and customizations are very common for motorcycles. They let you adjust your bike to ride, look, or sound exactly the way you want. There are even aftermarket parts that will make riders more visible to other drivers on the road, like modulating headlights, that can make motorcycle riding that much safer.

6) Enjoying Your Commute
Alright, I know I said earlier that I wouldn’t rely on any emotional argument, but hear me out. Riding a motorcycle is just plain fun. And because riders are much more in tune with their surroundings, their vehicle, and their own abilities than most car drivers, they often look forward to their commutes. Driving to or from work stops being a chore, and thinking about nothing but the ride can almost be therapeutic. It’s difficult to walk away from a motorcycle without a smile.

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