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Spotlight: Honda CBR 500 “Perfect Beginner Bike”

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Honda has been making waves on the internet with the CBR 500 being highly regarded/rated as one of the top best beginner bikes since 2012. The motorcycle division of Honda crafted a bike that caters to beginners, commuters, and intermediate riders. The best thing at the top of the list about the CBR 500 is its affordability. The Thailand manufacturing company (under Honda’s direction) responsible for putting these bikes together help keep the pricing for the CBR 500 competitive. Honda has always tried to incorporate the low cost into the cost of ownership for any owner. The bike is highly fuel efficient allowing riders an average of 64 MPG. So it should come at no surprise that Best Beginner Motorcycles gave it a beginner friendly rating of 10/10. Other notable mentions for the CBR 500 as the perfect beginner bike can be found at Motor 1 and

Once you’ve managed to get your hands on a CBR 500, you will find the legroom, riding position and seat height allow riders to be highly comfortable on the road. Accessibility to power is almost immediate, and it has a softer suspension than the Ninja 300. Some claim this allows for calm navigating on the road. The CBR 500 outweighs the more popular Ninja 300 by over 40lbs which are noteworthy. This helps with increased stability on the freeway. Also, most riders may have fears of “outgrowing” their newly purchased bike within a couple of months but that tends not be the concern of Honda CBR 500 owners. This could be your motorcycle for years because of the increased power. Check out our 2013 CBR 500 we currently have in inventory. You won’t be disappointed!


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