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Spotlight: Honda

Does it surprised anyone that Honda continues to build the best fuel efficient motorcycles and cars around? Their bikes and cars have been placed among the top best fuel efficient lists in the USA since their entry into these markets. They are the world’s largest manufacturer of motorcycles and are ranked 8th largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Here is a list of Honda’s scooters/motorcycles with their impressive mpg:

1. Metropolitan – 117 MPG
2. Ruckus – 114 MPG
3. PCX150 – 102 MPG
4. CB500F – 84 MPG
5. CB300F – 60 MPG

At AK MOTORS, we currently have the 2013 PCX 150, but the 2015 CB300F was just sold. Click on the highlighted links to check them out! With the continuous increase in gas prices from time to time, it’s no wonder Honda strongly holds their position as the World’s Best selling motorcycle company in the world. Back in 2008, gas prices were just at $1.84 (Average). Now days, we would be lucky enough if the gas prices even came close to $2.30. The national average for 2015 was $2.64, which is a total of $97 Billion in reduction from the previous year. Having fuel efficient transportation is highly important for consumers now more than ever. With that in mind, Honda has been improving their fuel efficient technology and applying it to every motorcycle/car they build. This is partly the cause for the rise in their automobile and motorcycle units sold. For 2015, they were able to make a profit of $410 million dollars through their motorcycle segment. That’s because their motorcycles/scooters have continued to be dubbed most reliable and most fuel efficient year after year. The Japanese company has managed forge and maintain their position among fellow Japanese competitors Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki. Among the Japanese Big Four, Honda’s reputation as a reliable company/brand puts them ahead of the other three. You will find the internet echoing Honda’s reliable reputation through many outlets.

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