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Tips for buying a Used Motorcycle

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Excitement and enthusiasm can cause one to overlook any bikes potential flaws. Most people are taken by the color scheme, look and overall presentation of a bike. One thing to note is not everyone is an expert at motorcycle purchasing. And for that, here at AK MOTORS, we’ve put together a little checklist in order to guide/assist anyone who is looking to purchase a used motorcycle. First things first, patience is a must. We want to ensure prolonged happiness with your new purchase. Continuous research on the internet with multiple used dealers can cut the time down from a wasted visit. Also, please be sure to check out dealers review business pages on Yelp, google or yellow pages. If you didn’t know, Ak Motors is a 5 star business on Yelp and Google. On the other hand, finding the perfect bike might not come immediately to most that’s why we encourage a bit of research before visiting a dealer/private party. Also, if you’re purchasing from a private party, the following list may guide your purchase.

  • Complete a thorough visual inspection (look for misaligned parts, color matches, etc.)
  • Take a look inside the gas tank for corrosion or rust
  • Look at the undersides of the bike for scratches & scrapes
  • Sit on the bike and determine if the handlebars are aligned
  • Check for leaks, anything that seems out of place/order. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Ask the dealer/seller not to start the bike. You want to start it yourself COLD. A warm engine might hide tuning issues
  • Ask the seller/dealer if you can test ride the bike. It’s better to hear how the bike sounds when it is in actual operation
  • If you have properly checked everything on the list up to now, then now you must check the VIN # (especially if purchasing it from a private party). This will ensure that the bike is not stolen or that it doesn’t have back fees on it. Also, you will want to know how much will it cost you to register the bike.
  • Check the title of the bike and make sure it matches the person’s name who is selling it to you. If it is a dealer, then you shouldn’t have to worry too much about it, but it is always good to double check. Title discrepancies can be costly and a headache to fix if you’re not careful. If you see this during your purchase, leave!
  • Do allow yourself to be pressured into purchasing a bike. If you’re at a dealer, ask the tech to go over the details of the bike for your comfort. You would be surprised at how many would be willing to help.
  • BRING A FRIEND! It is always good to bring someone who knows something about motorcycles/bikes. Your friend will help keep your excitement in check. Over excitement can cause anyone to overlook minor issues.

It is ok to take all the information you have gathered back to your home to research research research! You do not have to purchase a bike/motorcycle the day you look at it. Look for other used bikes of the same kind at other websites to ensure you’re getting the best price. One of the best things about  AK MOTORS is our  unbeatable prices combined with high customer satisfaction. Check out our Inventory for more information on a wide range of used motorcycles. Also, contact us for an appointment. We are located in the heart of the Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, CA with easy access from all over the Bay Area. We offer to finance for all credit levels! Apply online here, and contact us with any further questions.

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