Moto-Spotlight: Honda NC 700X

Honda NC 700X in Santa Clara San Jose Bay Area

Honda’s NC 700X is one of the most versatile motorcycles on the market today.  From daily commuting to windy back roads, every part of the NC 700X is designed to offer the fullest experience in comfort and fun.  Powered by a 670cc liquid-cooled parallel twin engine that produces great power in the low to mid range making it perfect for pulling through corners or splitting through traffic.  Engine vibration has been minimized thanks to Honda’s uniaxial primary crank balancer which means greater comfort on those long rides.  Honda has gone to great lengths to achieve optimal weight distribution on the NC700X.  With its forward engine placement, and under seat fuel tank, the NC700X offers very balanced handling while maintaining a comfortable upright riding position.  Making this bike even smoother is Honda’s DCT clutch system which allows riders to glide through gears with effortless shifting.  If you’re the kind of rider who appreciates more control, manual [...]

Moto-Spotlight: Harley-Davidson Iron 883

Harley-Davidson Iron 883 in Santa Clara San Jose Bay Area

Few names carry weight in the motorcycling world like Harley-Davidson.  With the 2014 Iron 883, Harley has turned their attention to the hardcore, minimalist crowd.  The classic tapered fuel tank, and simple clean fender style combined with a low-rise handlebar help give the Iron 883 a more compact, functional look.  Dual chrome exhaust pipes combined with signature Harley-Davidson V-twin engine layout give this bike a powerful exhaust note with all the performance to back it up.  Classic engine design definitely does not mean outdated performance.  With modern innovations like aluminum cylinders and Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection, the air-cooled V-twin carries all the grunt of the Harley-Davidson name with improved performance and efficiency to boot.  Blacked-out accents throughout the whole bike show the extreme attention to detail that has gone into the 2014 Iron 883.  For more details and pictures, check out the page details here!



Whether you’re a daily commuter or weekend warrior, a pre-ride inspection is a key aspect of maintaining your motorcycle, and keeping your safe.  Let’s breakdown the basics of what you need to look for in a pre-ride inspection.

Leaking fluids – before hoping on your bike, check ground for puddles or dripping fluid off the bottom of the motorcycle.  If you store your bike in the same place regularly, placing a clean piece of cardboard or paper towel underneath will give you a clear indication if any fluids have leaked since your last ride.

Engine oil – before attempting to start up the bike, verify that your motorcycle has oil in it.  Most modern engines have a clear oil-view window.  With the bike upright, verify that the oil level is clearly visible through the window.  Roughly halfway to three quarters full in the window is ideal.

Tires – give both front a rear tires a [...]

Moto-Spotlight: Honda CB300F

Honda CB300F in Santa Clara San Jose Bay Area

Honda is making a strong bid for one of the single greatest all around starter bikes with its 2015 CB300F.    Stylish, efficient, and fun are all characteristics that describe this naked style bike.  With an increased power output of 17% compared to its 250f younger sibling, the CB300F offers all the appeal of a compact, nimble beginner bike, with plenty of power to grow into.  Despite having all the power needed to ride comfortable on the freeway, riders can expect up to 71 mpg on the 300F.  Those who are new to motorcycling will appreciate the low, upright riding position and overall light weight with a seat height of just 30.7 inches and a curb weight under 350 lbs.  If you are in the market for a beginner bike, or just looking for an efficient, stylish new ride, you’ll be hard pressed finding an example more mint than this!  With just 48 original miles, and [...]

Moto-Spotlight: Yamaha R1

Yamaha R1 in Santa Clara San Jose Bay Area

This week, we are featuring a beautiful 2013 Yamaha R1 Crossplane. The R1 hardly needs an introduction, its dual front ram air intakes and under-tail dual exhaust are enough to make anyone aware that this machine means business. Yamaha’s incorporation of the cross-plane crank design offers more low-end pull than traditional layouts and you can ride more confidently in tricky conditions with Yamaha’s simplistic, but effective traction control system. For complete details, and to see our full inventory of pre-owned motorcycles in the Bay Area, check out our inventory page!  As always, AK Motors is ready to get you set up with financing, for more information please click the Apply for Finance tab, or click here.


Looking for a first bike, or just something a little more relaxed?  We’ve got you covered!  From the beginner friendly Kawasaki Ninja 300, [...]

Here at AK Motors we stock a wide array of used motorcycles to suit any rider skill levels and riding style. Whether you are looking to purchase your first motorcycle, or upgrade to something with more power, we have a bike that is perfect for you.

For beginner to intermediate level riders, we recommend motorcycles with an engine displacement of 250cc-650cc. If you’re looking to get started on your first motorcycle, popular choices include the Honda CBR 250, CBR 500, Kawasaki Ninja 250, Ninja 300, Ninja 500, or the Suzuki GS500. These bikes are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and offer excellent gas mileage. One of the most important factors to consider when buying a beginner bike is the riding position. An upright, relaxed riding position will provide the most comfort, balance, and control for those just getting into motorcycling.

If you frequently ride on the freeway, we recommend stepping up to motorcycles in the 500cc-650cc [...]

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