Checking a bike’s oil level is crucial to its operation and longevity. An engine is the heart of the motorcycle, and the oil is its lifeblood. An engine’s contact points (metal to metal) needs continuous lubrication (oil) to keep parts from sparking, grinding and eventually breaking down. Let’s just say that engine oil is one of those things that should never be neglected for any motor to run at full potential. Engine oil can also reveal information about the internal condition of the motor even to a novice mechanic. Most mechanics advise checking the oil when it the engine is warm, and others say that checking engine oil is best when it’s cold. We say, please check the manual that came with your motorcycle from the manufacturer, and inside it details the best conditions to check engine oil for that particular bike. However, most online motorcycle journalists list making sure that your engine is at [...]

Excitement and enthusiasm can cause one to overlook any bikes potential flaws. Most people are taken by the color scheme, look and overall presentation of a bike. One thing to note is not everyone is an expert at motorcycle purchasing. And for that, here at AK MOTORS, we’ve put together a little checklist in order to guide/assist anyone who is looking to purchase a used motorcycle. First things first, patience is a must. We want to ensure prolonged happiness with your new purchase. Continuous research on the internet with multiple used dealers can cut the time down from a wasted visit. Also, please be sure to check out dealers review business pages on Yelp, google or yellow pages. If you didn’t know, Ak Motors is a 5 star business on Yelp and Google. On the other hand, finding the perfect bike might not come immediately to most that’s why we encourage a bit of research [...]

Our spotlight for this week is the Ducati Monster 696. A redefined style with Ducati’s trademark L-Twin engine pushes this bike to the forefront of the Ducati line. The Italian engineers managed to trim the weight to 354 lbs to allow for improved engine output to 80 Desmo horsepower. The ergonomics have improved with changes to the riding position. The bike allows for a lower and shorter reach with a forward footpeg position that empowers any rider to master it. The exhaust system gives the underside of the Monster a cleaner appearance with bold Ducati mufflers. Let’s not forget the advanced APTC clutch which allows for safer down-shifting and it helps keep the clutch lever movement easy and lighter. This works for those riders in areas that require frequent stops continuously. High torque and excellent handling can make this bike addictive to any rider when in motion. Here at AK MOTORS, we currently have a [...]

If you’re a rider in the Bay Area, you’ve probably ridden through or at least heard of the legendary Highway 9. You’ve also probably checked out our inventory and seen that we have some of the best prices in the Bay Area for used motorcycles. We are a 5 star business on Yelp and we are extremely proud to continue satisfying customers since 2007. Highway 9 is a 39 mile stretch between Santa Cruz and Los Gatos in Northern California. Highway 9 takes you through several cities (including Saratoga and Felton), close to the redwood forests and through the Santa Cruz mountains. The long stretch provides an adventurous ride with beautiful scenery. Conveniently placed close to highway 9 are hiking trails through the redwood forest, one of the oldest Japanese garden estates, the famous Mountain Winery amphitheater, the Howard Cowell state park, the covered bridge and the infamous Alice’s Restaurant. The restaurant is dedicated to [...]

Here at AK MOTORS, we extremely value our customers and their safety on the roads. Please check out our previous blogs on rider safety and also our mass inventory of used motorcycles for sale.

Following up on the previous blogs about gloves, pre-ride inspection, and helmet safety, we felt it was necessary to discuss lane splitting and the safety of performing it. Recently, California became the first state to legalize lane splitting. The bill passed September 1st, 2016 and it authorizes the CA Highway Patrol to create guidelines for motorcyclists on how to perform it safely. Lane splitting is sometimes known as lane sharing or white-lining and it refers to the process of a motorcyclist riding in-between lanes of slower moving or stopped traffic. Motorcyclists may also move in-between lanes to the front of the traffic at a traffic light. The CA highway patrol recommends a traveling speed of 10 mph when lane splitting. Anything over [...]

Honda has been making waves on the internet with the CBR 500 being highly regarded/rated as one of the top best beginner bikes since 2012. The motorcycle division of Honda crafted a bike that caters to beginners, commuters, and intermediate riders. The best thing at the top of the list about the CBR 500 is its affordability. The Thailand manufacturing company (under Honda’s direction) responsible for putting these bikes together help keep the pricing for the CBR 500 competitive. Honda has always tried to incorporate the low cost into the cost of ownership for any owner. The bike is highly fuel efficient allowing riders an average of 64 MPG. So it should come at no surprise that Best Beginner Motorcycles gave it a beginner friendly rating of 10/10. Other notable mentions for the CBR 500 as the perfect beginner bike can be found at Motor 1 and

Once you’ve managed to get your hands [...]

Nicknamed the “LORDS OF THE STREETS“, the FZ’s have found ways to grip the naked motorcycle market and shake it upside down. At first glance, these sport bikes may seem a bit light on the frame but don’t be fooled by the naked looks. Yamaha concentrated on the most important aspects of these speed demons which is performance, rider comfort and power. The FZ09 was Yamaha’s most anticipated release of 2014 and yet two years later, it still continues to surge in popularity due to overall consumer satisfaction. The immediate impressions alone will be close to agility and aggressiveness. Consumers alike can agree that the bike has plenty of torque even in standard drive mode. With a combined quality build, hard to beat price and exceptional performance, the FZ09 never looked so good! [...]

For how small your hands and fingers are, they sure seem pretty important, both for daily life and motorcycle riding. They’re smaller and more fragile than other body parts, but because they are so important, riders should go out of their way to protect them by picking the right pair of gloves.

To start things off, there’s the choice of whether or not to have gauntlets. Gauntlets are extensions that cover the wrists and go over the ends of the sleeves of your jacket. This extra coverage offers more protection, keeps skin dry, and prevents wind from rushing into your jacket sleeves. Many riders prefer gauntlet-free gloves, often called “shorties” or touring gloves, mostly because of their looks, but gauntlets definitely have a few more advantages when riding.

One of our employees heard two very useful pieces of advice from the instructor at the local MSF Course (which we highly recommend for all riders). First, [...]

In the state of California and 19 other states or districts, it is illegal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, and for good reason: head injury is among the most traumatic and common injuries in serious or fatal motorcycle crashes. Wearing a helmet can reduce the chances of a fatality by about 37% and the odds of brain injury by 67%, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. So when you go out and buy a new helmet, here’s what you need to know to ensure that you’ll be as safe as possible.

One Time Use

Every rider should know that helmets are built to protect riders from one single crash. After a strong impact, helmets lose their value and protection and should be replaced as soon as possible. Even dropping the helmet from as low as hip-level could sometimes break the inner protective lining, depending on how the helmet landed and on [...]

After a short time in the riding community, most riders will often realize that the Suzuki GSX-R is an extremely popular bike. They’re almost always one of the models listed when looking for a race-ready bike. But why are they so popular?

The big reason is that they are pretty cheap to own for such a track-ready bike. Compared to the Honda CBR600RR, the Yamaha R6, and other 600 cc bikes, the GSXR (pronounced like “jixxer”) is one of the least expensive options out there. Not only that, but banks are much more likely to give great finance options on these bikes. They require much less cash down and usually have lower rates as well. The fact that they are not fully remodeled very often also keeps their price [...]

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