The Yamaha R6 continues to be one of the most popular choices in the 600cc class for good reason. It’s ascetics remain one of the sleekest sportbike designs to date, and underneath Yamaha continues to fine tune every aspect of the R6 from the chassis up. As one of the most technically advanced sport bike on the market, the R6 is an icon of cutting edge design from the track to the street. The Deltabox chassis features a stiffer front end along with stronger swingarm bracing in the back to enhance response under braking. Yamaha introduced YCCT/YCCI chip controlled throttle and variable intake to the market with the R6 in 2006, and has continued to refine these systems into the industry standard for racing level performance. The electronically controlled valves result in extremely precise response at high rpm, capable of responding to speed variation at 1000th of a second. Handling on the R6 has been [...]

Suzuki’s GSXR 1000 is a continued lineage of peak performance and reliability.  Track focused sport-bikes like the GSXR 1000 are in a continual evolution from handling tweaks to engine overhauls.  The 2012 edition features Showa big piston front suspension that have been reduced in length as well as reduced spring tension due to overall weight reduction.  The GSXR’s suspension is fully adjustable which allows you to make it as hard or forgiving as you like, going from track ready conditions to total comfort settings in just minutes.  The versatility of the 2012 GSXR isn’t only limited to suspension changes, Suzuki has integrated a multi-engine mapping power selector which enables you to select the amount of power output you want to receive from the engine.  Suzuki calls this their S-DMS engine management system, but it really boils down to input modes A,B, or C.  In mode A, the engine will operate at maximum performance, placing no [...]

The ZX10R is a showcase of what Kawasaki can do. With a 998cc engine at the top of its class, and handling characteristics that rival many 600 class bikes, the ZX10R is a true rider’s machine. Despite being at the top of pack in terms of raw speed, Kawasaki has put a lot of work in to ensure the handling can compete with the best of them. The ZX10R’s wheelbase has been stretched, in conjunction with a more relaxed steering angle to provide stable and yet responsive turn in ability. Strong brakes and the wet slipper clutch further aid in the ZX10’s smooth handling whether on the track or the road.  This is a machine packed full of technology that the common eye might look right past. A prime example of this is the electronic engine aid dubbed “KIMS”, or Kawasaki Ignition Management System which they differentiate from traditional traction control systems. Rather than reducing [...]

It’s no surprise to anyone who has had the opportunity to ride Suzuki’s GSXR-600 that it is openly considered to be one of the best 600cc sport bikes around.  From the first ride, the stability of Suzuki’s chassis inspires confidence both on the street and at the track.  Suzuki’s success in the 600cc sport bike class is a direct result of the innovation they put into the GSXR line.  The aluminum twin-spar frame offers an extremely compact, lightweight design that performs as well as it looks.  The sleek aesthetic and aggressive design never fails to turn heads.  Suzuki’s GSXR continues to lead the pack with innovative, stylish designs with the performance to back it up.

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Style and comfort.  Two concepts locked in a never-ending twist of marketing hype and subjective context.  Maybe you’ve convinced yourself that you are pulling off those fur lined Crocs that you picked up for “wearing around the house” though instead you find yourself wearing more often than real shoes, but let’s be honest…no one is pulling those off.  I get it though, the need for comfort sometimes outweigh the appeal of being stylish.  When it comes to motorcycling, this is a very real design tradeoff that manufacturers must face.  Comfort often comes at the cost of handling, with more relaxed riding positions, softer suspension, and additional weight in the form of larger seats, bars, and functional storage.  Style on the other hand, often indicates a more aggressive riding position, smaller, lighter seating, and an overall harsher ride that is optimized for peak performance.  Somewhere in between these design worlds lies the Kawasaki Ninja 650R.

If you’re in the market for a sportbike in next to new condition without the factory price tag, you’ll enjoy checking out this week’s featured Moto-Spotlight.  Look through any ‘best bike’ publications around and you’re bound to find the name GSX-R.  The gixxer name is one of the most recognizable in the motorcycling world, and with good reason.  Suzuki’s flagship sportbike line has become an icon throughout the racing world and on the street because of it’s reputation for reliability and performance.  Suzuki is one of the rare manufacturers to offer a 750cc sport bike.  Despite being classified as a middleweight, the GSXR 750 weighs in at just 6 pounds heavier than it’s 600cc younger sibling.  Someone must have weighed that incorrectly, right?  It’s specs like these that put a smile on the face of everyone who has the chance to own one of these machines.  Squeezing 150cc and 24 additional HP into a frame that [...]

The not-so-distant future of motorcycling equipment is brimming with new technology that aims to make your ride safer and more interesting than ever.  For those of us that film our rides, whether it be for recreational, safety, or social purposes, Bell is teaming up with 360fly to put out one of the sleekest integrated helmet cams to date.  This new design features a fully integrated 360 degree camera that is positioned on top of the helmet for optimal viewing angles and maximum stability.  Along with the 360 degree recording, Bell is touting advanced functionality such as live-streaming, and even a collision avoidance warning system that can alert the wearer to potentially hazardous obstacles.  Though Bell has not set a release date for their new line of smart helmets, expect these to be available sooner rather than later.


As technologies for smart devices become cheaper and more compact, the possibilities for gear integration continues to [...]

It’s time to turn the Moto-Spotlight to one of our favorite and most popular bike, the Kawasaki Ninja 300.  As one of the industries worst kept secrets, Kawasaki has been producing some of the most affordable, reliable, and stylish small engine motorcycles for over 30 years.  The Ninja 250r has long been one of the highest rated beginner bikes due to its low-cost, ease of maintenance, and rider friendly ergonomics.  When Kawasaki brought the Ninja 300 to market in 2012, they took everything that made the Ninja 250r so appealing and gave it more power with modern styling and technology.  This new layout puts out 39hp, and 19lb-ft torque, over the 250r’s 29hp, 15lb-ft torque.   The 300r features a new 296cc liquid cooled parallel-twin engine with fuel injection, 6-speed wet slipper clutch, digital gauges, and ABS brake option.  The low seat height and adjustable suspension makes the Ninja adept to nearly any rider size and skill without having to [...]

Honda’s NC 700X is one of the most versatile motorcycles on the market today.  From daily commuting to windy back roads, every part of the NC 700X is designed to offer the fullest experience in comfort and fun.  Powered by a 670cc liquid-cooled parallel twin engine that produces great power in the low to mid range making it perfect for pulling through corners or splitting through traffic.  Engine vibration has been minimized thanks to Honda’s uniaxial primary crank balancer which means greater comfort on those long rides.  Honda has gone to great lengths to achieve optimal weight distribution on the NC700X.  With its forward engine placement, and under seat fuel tank, the NC700X offers very balanced handling while maintaining a comfortable upright riding position.  Making this bike even smoother is Honda’s DCT clutch system which allows riders to glide through gears with effortless shifting.  If you’re the kind of rider who appreciates more control, manual [...]

Few names carry weight in the motorcycling world like Harley-Davidson.  With the 2014 Iron 883, Harley has turned their attention to the hardcore, minimalist crowd.  The classic tapered fuel tank, and simple clean fender style combined with a low-rise handlebar help give the Iron 883 a more compact, functional look.  Dual chrome exhaust pipes combined with signature Harley-Davidson V-twin engine layout give this bike a powerful exhaust note with all the performance to back it up.  Classic engine design definitely does not mean outdated performance.  With modern innovations like aluminum cylinders and Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection, the air-cooled V-twin carries all the grunt of the Harley-Davidson name with improved performance and efficiency to boot.  Blacked-out accents throughout the whole bike show the extreme attention to detail that has gone into the 2014 Iron 883.  For more details and pictures, check out the page details here!


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