Riding a motorcycle provides us with joy and pleasure, however we must not forget that operating a motorcycle comes with responsibilities. One of the most important parts of safe operation is the tires and it is our responsibility as riders to inspect our tires before every ride. Regular inspection can can ensure maximum lifespan of your tires and sustain ride safety. The following should help you monitor your tires throughout their lifespan.

1. Check pressure before you ride: Doing so ensures that your wheels are provide the best performance. Under inflated tires can wear out considerably faster, thus hurting your wallet and your chance of staying upright. Consider investing in an air pump and a tire pressure gauge. Inflate tires in the temperature you plan to ride, to put it simply, do no inflate tires in a warm garage if you plan to ride in cold weather and vise-versa.  Refer to the tire manufacturer as pressure can [...]

Some people know squids as Cephalopods that are consumed as calamari, to others squids are a careless motorcycle riders. Real life squids are known to have short lifespans and for this reason experienced motorcyclist refer to careless riders as squids.

let us observe a squid in it’s natural habitat


Image from https://thedandooligan.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/squide.jpg

Here we see a motorcyclist who isn’t equipped with adequate protection, is not focused on the road, and is improperly operating their motorcycle as he only has one arm in on the handlebars. This is a squid, DON’T BE A SQUID. There is no conceivable reason to operate a motorcycle this way, this will result to in harm to yourself and those that love you. While squids may think that they look better/cooler without proper motorcycle attire, seasoned riders think [...]

Residents of the bay area tend to be a little spoiled, but in a good way. The bay area is known for it’s outstanding food, diversity of cultures, great weather (here commuting on a motorcycle is an actual possibility), and the beauty of nature that’s within it. Exploring everything that the bay area has to offer takes a lot of effort but it is rewarding. The perks of riding a motorcycle (fuel consumption and maneuverability) combined with the thrill of the experience make exploring the bay area such a pleasant experience. Get on your two wheels and this is an example of what could be explored in the bay starting from San Jose.

Ride Pacific Coast Highway through Montara and enjoy the scenic beauty.

And while LA is known for movie industry, the bay area’s theater can’t be beat. Why not catch a show [...]

The charging system is one of the most important factors in keeping a motorcycle running. Not only does it provide the electricity to operate our accessories but it also provides the spark required for the combustion process. Bottom line a faulty electrical system can leave riders stranded on the side of the road. Checking the charging system regularly can

Here at AK motors we inspect every bike to ensure reliable operation and customer satisfaction. Here we test the charging system of this beautiful Suzuki GSXR60020161219_144056

First locate the battery (usually found under the seat but varying models will differ)20161219_155250

With the use of a multi-meter, the voltage of the charging system can be measured.
1.) turn on motorcycle and the high beams

How many times has it happened that we set out to a bright and sunny morning only to encounter this later in the day.
As the holidays are approaching so is the cold, wet weather. Riding through the rain can be a daunting challenge especially to inexperienced riders but worry not there is somewhat of a science to it.

First of all a motorcycle should be in proper working order. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep your motorcycle functioning properly. Failure from the suspension, brakes, tires or engine can be catastrophic in regular weather. The way a motorcycle performs in the rain is significantly different as water reduces friction in brakes and grip on the tires. 20161212_145458-1

Secondly, Technique is key. [...]

If you’re considering investing in a motorcycle to get around but are unsure what to get, may we suggest the Honda CB600F. The sleek naked design offers great performance while accenting it’s aggressive style. Weighing in at a light 414Lbs combined with a 25.5° rake this bike has good handling and maneuvering through traffic is a breeze which can be useful during rush hour. Motorcycle geometry is something that consumers often overlook but can greatly impact the riding experience. Fortunately the CB500F offers an upright riding position which is a more natural sitting position with your weight resting on your seat and not on your arms as is the case with most sport bikes. The upright sitting position makes this bike a perfect commuter and your back will thank you for it. Mated with a 500cc engine this is not a bike that will quickly be outgrown as it produces 46.1 horsepower at competent 8500 [...]

Spotlight: The World’s largest manufacturer of Motorcycles

Exploring a short history about Honda

success-story-of-soichiro-honda1946 marks the first year production of Honda motorcycles by Soichiro Honda. (picture provided by findlayhondaflahstaff.com) WWII had just ended previously in 1945 and a war-devastated Japan needed an answer to the high demand for cheap transportation. Soichiro spent the next three years designing and developing his engine for his bicycles. In 1949, Japan got it’s answer with the first Honda motorcycle called the Model D for Dream. As a kid, Soichiro was infused with mechanical skills he attained from working on mechanical devices given to him by his father. Gihei Honda was the town’s local blacksmith and Soichiro refined his mechanical skills over the years as he helped his dad, Gihei, fix and sell bicycles and motors. He became so proficient by the age of 17 that he was picked as the mechanic for Shinichi Sakibahara, a famous [...]

As a manufacturer, Triumph, most recently claimed the unofficial title of producing the most balanced 3 cylinder sports bike on the market. Competition is nipping at their heels with the closest competitor being the Yamaha FZ-09. Nevertheless, triumph seems to edge itself over the finish line for the naked bike segment. Here’s why with the 2014 Triumph Street Triple R ABS. The bike features light steering, superior handling and eye-popping brakes as compared to it’s previous models. Many popular motorcycle review websites have listed this bike as one of their top choices for best value all around! The street triple is packed with a punch of power, yet, light enough and compact. For the strength and simple assembly, the triumph’s new tubular frame (aluminium) is only made from a handful of component parts as opposed to 11 previously.  It has a rock solid chassis and steers heavier than the FZ-09. The Street triple has a fitted gear-driven balance [...]

Tips for riding safely on the freeway

From beginner riders to advanced

The freeway can be an intimidating place for most beginner riders. Here at AK Motors, we highly value our customer’s safety; so we’ve put together a list of tips for safe riding on the freeway! On-ramps are highly dangerous where traffic is merging onto or off the highway. They often consist of sharp turns, forcing motorcyclists to lean hard to turn their motorcycle. Even more so, riders should be aware of the increased dangers on-ramps pose when they are wet or slippery. Successfully negotiating the curve of the on-ramp comes as the first challenge to any rider. As a rider, you must always monitor the traffic around you at all times. As you approach the freeway from the on-ramp, you must identify a safe spot that you can merge into and signal to accelerate (at a safe and controllable speed) into that spot safely, essentially merging with the freeway traffic. If you are already on [...]

Spotlight: Yamaha YZF R1

2013 YZf-R1 crossplane

Yamaha launched the YZF-R1 in 98′ to create a small engine by doing a “stacked gearbox” design which was considered revolutionary at the time.  The R1 hardly needs an introduction, its dual front ram air intakes and under-tail dual exhaust are enough to make anyone aware that this machine means business. The YZF-R1 has a 7-level traction control system (MotoGP) that has been developed, so it’s rider may not feel the harsh/unnatural intervention from the system. Additionally, traction control reduces tire wear owing to less wheel spin. The bike is powered by a 998cc in-line four cylinder engine and has all the technological advances developed for the previous model. This beautiful piece of machinery features a Yamaha Chip Control Intake; this intake system widens the spread of power, and the fuel injection system provides maximum smooth throttle response. The bike has excellent cornering capability and crisp handling due in partly to the aluminum frame that offers [...]

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