The “new” beginner standard, is what everyone is calling the 2015 Naked CB300F. From the smoothness of the engine braking, clutch action and suspension to the significant reduction in vibration due to the counterbalanced crankshaft; this bike is the ultimate necessity for beginner motorcycle riders. The CB300F shines as a commuter with a 17% increase in power than the CBR250R.  New riders will benefit from the upright position as it allows for a more relaxed state as opposed to a sport bike stance where it can make any new rider nervous as they cower forward over the gas tank. It has been dubbed the “perfect learning tool” by various online review articles. Combined with it’s impressive 60 mpg fuel consumption, the bike appeals, heavily,  as a perfect daily commuter. With it’s reduction in weight and price, I can’t see any other competitive beginner bikes being matched up as an equal to the Honda CB300F. Here are [...]

First introduced in 98’/99′, the Yamaha R6 took the middleweight world by storm with its high-horsepower engine and aggressive handling. The Japanese inline-four was an instant hit, and 1999 was the year the R6 took the World Supersport crown. One of the first updates came in the year 2001 with a newer fork and fully-adjustable shock. Of course, there were some other minor changes and small updates. The major re-vamp of the R6 followed in 2003 with all new styling highlighted looks and internally receiving fuel injection to have a slightly longer stroke for a full 600cc. With the chassis, the update came an inverted fork, more aggressive steering geometry, and piggyback rear shock. 2006 saw another revision with the new (previous) 599cc engine for higher rpms. Today’s R Series are built with the highest power, lowest weight and unrivaled agility. Everything about the R6 is built towards ultimate cornering for the rider and the [...]

Halloween Special: We’ve got this beautiful dual-purpose motorcycle by Suzuki. Kawasaki marketed a private labeled version of the DR-Z known as the KLX400 – it is practically identical to the DR-Z400 with the exceptions of the bodywork and some accessories. Those riders who regularly ride four-stroke dirt bikes will find themselves easily acquainted with the Dr-Z400SM. This is easily the most nimble thing on the road and full of fun. Riding on the freeway is super addictive as long as you keep it under 70 mph. The brakes and suspensions will expose themselves at their limits at much higher speeds. This bike is race-inspired and much better on the street then it’s predecessor DR350. However, this bike is a GEM. It’s reliable reputation, low price and high fun factor have made it incredibly favored among bike/dirt-bike riders. The engine is calm enough to give the most beginner riders confidence to push the speed a bit. [...]

The birth of a new street fighter motorcycle, in the triumph family, came around 2005. The street triumph R is a combination of a Daytona 675 and the street triple 675. Below is a picture of a 2012 Street Triple R that can reach 145 mph if you can hold on. The bike has Daytona’s identical suspension and brakes. The suspensions performance is closer to that of a Daytona yet, it is fully adjustable for the shock. Luckily for us, we currently have this bike in our inventory. Click for Triumph. This high speed rocket has lightweight wheels, cosmetic changes such as the bug eyed lights, 2 kg reduction in weight and a newer gearbox. 10 of the 12 gears are redesigned with new selector shafts and drums. Even though it is a street bike, this highly compatible motorcycle can function as a track day tool. Many have said that it is worth the extra cash [...]

If you’re looking for Motorcycle boots that look nice in public, then they’re probably not going to protect your feet. Motorcycle boots are highly relevant for bike riders, especially new riders. There are a variety of motorcycle boots for street use, off-road riding, cruising, racing, etc. Either way, when purchasing riding boots, we encourage consumers to consider various factors such as construction closures, materials, and height. A full-length boot is imperative in protecting a rider from foot and ankle scrapes, breaks and sprains. Even though it may be uncomfortable and stiffer, it does a world of difference when it comes to protecting a rider during an accident/crash. The ankle bone is protruding out and is more prone to injury during a slide or fall. Most times, the foot gets stuck during a collision, and the weight of the bike lays on the riders leg while it slides on the road. Having the height ensures that [...]

According to from a survey of about 11,000 consumer report subscribers, Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda ranked in the top three for the most reliable motorcycle brands. And we mean by the percentage of failures that have occurred from  all brands that were surveyed. They all held 11%, 12% and 12% respectively with Yamaha being the top ranking company. Kawasaki came in fourth at 15%.  Ducati, Can-Am, BMW and Triumph were the highest rated for trouble-prone bikes coming in at 29% (Triumph), 33% (Ducati), 40% BMW and 42% for Can-Am. The higher the percentage, the more likely you are to have a problem with the bike (estimated). Luckily for you our readers, Ak Motors Inventory consists  of generally a significant collection of Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki bikes. These four brands account for 98% of our inventory. Go ahead and click on the following links for more information about what we currently have in stock. If you don’t find the one [...]

Check out our inventory. The most important part of a motorcycle riders gear is his/her helmet. Riding a motorcycle is a phenomenal experience that’s why safety and responsibility is a must when you’re on the road. According to, motorcycle fatality rates are 58.97 per 100,000 registered motorcycles vs 9.73 fatality car rates  per 100,000 registered cars. That is alarmingly high and it sends a chill down one’s spine. It is always highly recommended to wear body protection (especially a helmet) when riding any two wheeled sport bike/cruiser. Helmets that are designed for cruisers and sport bikes are rounded off at the chin as compared to a dirt bike helmet. There are a variety of choices depending on a riders preference:

  • Open Face
  • Full Face
  • Dual Sport
  • Modular
  • Full Face


There are three standards of safety on helmets that you should look out for when examining helmets- ECE, SNELL and DOT. SNELL would probably be the [...]

Here at AK Motors, we hugely value our customers and their safety on the roads. For this week, we will be sharing tips on riding a motorcycle in the rain. The bay area weather has changed within a week of the arrival of fall. Cloudy skies with drizzle are projected to hit parts of the bay area for the rest of the week. One thing to note is that rain happens. You must always adjust your ride accordingly. As riding conditions change, motorcycle riders must slow down and allow for more cushion between themselves and the surrounding environment/cars. Here are some tips:

  • Ensure that your gear can keep you warm. Once the body experiences cold, you are more likely to be less concentrated on the road.
  • Waterproof gloves are recommended to keep your hands warm. They are the first parts of your body to get cold typically, and they go numb. This will interfere [...]

Checking a bike’s oil level is crucial to its operation and longevity. An engine is the heart of the motorcycle, and the oil is its lifeblood. An engine’s contact points (metal to metal) needs continuous lubrication (oil) to keep parts from sparking, grinding and eventually breaking down. Let’s just say that engine oil is one of those things that should never be neglected for any motor to run at full potential. Engine oil can also reveal information about the internal condition of the motor even to a novice mechanic. Most mechanics advise checking the oil when it the engine is warm, and others say that checking engine oil is best when it’s cold. We say, please check the manual that came with your motorcycle from the manufacturer, and inside it details the best conditions to check engine oil for that particular bike. However, most online motorcycle journalists list making sure that your engine is at [...]

Excitement and enthusiasm can cause one to overlook any bikes potential flaws. Most people are taken by the color scheme, look and overall presentation of a bike. One thing to note is not everyone is an expert at motorcycle purchasing. And for that, here at AK MOTORS, we’ve put together a little checklist in order to guide/assist anyone who is looking to purchase a used motorcycle. First things first, patience is a must. We want to ensure prolonged happiness with your new purchase. Continuous research on the internet with multiple used dealers can cut the time down from a wasted visit. Also, please be sure to check out dealers review business pages on Yelp, google or yellow pages. If you didn’t know, Ak Motors is a 5 star business on Yelp. On the other hand, finding the perfect bike might not come immediately to most that’s why we encourage a bit of research before visiting [...]

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