When buying a motorcycle it is very important to consider the actual cost of ownership in the long run. We have to think about how much the vehicle costs in maintenance, parts, any and all upkeep really. This is definitely where a Japanese motorcycles excel compared to owning motorcycles from European or American manufacturers. But how is it that Japanese motorcycles came to be so much cheaper and reliable compared to other makers?

After a little research we’ve found that after the second World War, motorcycles became a huge obsession with people around the globe and it wasn’t until the 1960’s that motorcycles really made their entry into the American Market. Around that time there were only a few British and Spanish brands along with Harley in the American market. Due [...]

600cc super sport bikes were once developed on par with their bigger counterparts. There’s a reason for this – supersports are sexy, high-performance machines with aggressive race styling that turns heads, and it’s certainly no mystery as to why so many riders a decade ago were clamoring to have one. With excellent machines like the Honda CBR600RR, Yamaha R6, and the Suzuki GSXR 600, combined with approachable price tags and all-too-easy financing, the supersport market was one of the hottest in the industry. They were the most popular class and outsold the bigger bikes. Lately, the class has been in decline but why?

It had to end…
Suddenly, the 600s were gone. Much of this was due to so many riders moving on to sport-touring and dual-sport motorcycles. The sportbikes, whether 600cc, 750cc or 1000cc were suddenly spurned as riders started seeking out something more practical to fit a whole variety of uses and roads.


When riding a sport bike, the goal is usually to get from point a to point B as FAST as possible! This is accomplished by  making the bikes as light as possible, minimizing the weight while also maximizing the power, giving the rider a low aggressive riding position, creating an aerodynamic profile, and using the best state of the art technologies and the best lean angles possible for cornering as low as possible.

2020 BMW S1000RR

Although we usually favor Japanese bikes, the 2020 BMW S1000RR is one of the finest European bikes anyone will find in the supersport category. Typically, these German bikes are built extremely well, they look beautiful, they ride amazingly. These supersport bikes are powered by a precision made 998cc inline-four engine with four titanium valves per [...]

What are “naked bikes”? They’re exactly what it sounds like. These “naked” motorcycles are versions of their full-faired counterparts. They’re like regular sports bikes, but without the plastic fairings, a more upright riding position, and a slightly differently tuned engine. It’s a sports bike…with its clothes off.

The best part about a naked bike is that they are well suited to nearly anyone who wants to throw a leg over a motorcycle. Naked bikes generally have a low seat height and an upright riding positions, both the things that are great for new riders. Naked bikes also generally are quite sporty and fast, which is perfect for the more experienced rider to canyon carve or hit up a weekend track day.

We find naked bikes way more comfortable, and more suited for daily street riding, naked bikes are generally narrower and a little lighter and more agile as well. If you’re just commuting and pleasure riding, [...]

There are alot of amazing beginner bikes out there! Based on a few of our favorite beginner bikes in 2020, we wanted to give a list and quick comparison between the : R3, CBR300R, Ninja 400, and the GSX250R. When buying or even just choosing which motorcycle to buy, there are a lot of factors to consider. These factors include: horsepower, brake features, and technology. Even we had a tough time choosing which bikes to put on our list so it can definitely be very intimidating for beginners to know where to start looking.

Yamaha YZF R3

Engine: Twin-cylinder 321cc
Transmission: Six-Speed
Curb Weight: 375 lbs (170 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 3.7 gallons (14 L)

Yamaha first introduced these 321cc little rocket ships back in 2015 and they’ve become increasingly popular with beginner riders, commuters, and lightweight [...]

When it comes to sport bikes, the Japanese big four often come to mind : Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha. However, in recent years, the German manufacturer, BMW, introduced their S1000RR.

What is the BMW S1000RR?

What does the S1000RR stand for?? Well, the “S” in this ridiculously powered German bike’s name stands for “sportbike”. Most can assume that the “1000” is an indication of enging size. Then, the “RR” means race replica like most RR’s. Most people already know this, but in case some don’t, now ya know!

How does it compare to Japanese litre bikes?

BMW proves to be better as the increase of 7 HP and low weight results in better overall results. BMW S1000RR now features twin headlight with a symmetrical design, lighter fairing, and better [...]

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Triumph motorcycles have always had a place in motorcycle history. Celebrities from Clint Eastwood to Steve Mcqueen have publicly owned triumph motorcycles. Triumph motorcycles have always had this sense of style, performance, and coolness. This culture is still present in their current line-up of motorcycles, such as the very rare 2016 Street Triple Rx.

The design of this bike Just grabs attention of onlookers everywhere. Equipped with special seat cowl, belly pan, and a fly screen it give it a distinct look that sets it apart other Street Triples.

Street triples have also been known for their performance. This Powerful engine outputs 105 hp and 50 lb-ft of torque. Designed out the factory to have a well placed center of gravity this motorcycle is sure to provide several thousand [...]

Honda is one of the most prestigious manufacturers of motorcycles. Their versatility as a maker of motorcycles is what makes them unique and might be a reason for their continued success. This is best showcased in their 500cc motorcycles, namely the CB500F, CB500X, and the CBR500R. Although all motorcycles have the same power plant they all behave like different animals.

Honda CB500X

. The CB500X has a classic upright position and wide handlebars give you that comfortable ride. Designed with a 26.5 degree rake and with forks that allow 5.5 inches of travel you can expect this motorcycle to have the softest suspension among the three. This Motorcycle would be perfect for anyone starting to ride but don’t want to sacrifice comfort.

There is a pleasure that comes from riding a motorcycle due largely to the complete stimulation of the senses. You feel the thrust of air, see the world blur in front of you, hear the howl of wind, smell the ever changing environment, and taste exhilaration. The Yamaha understood that and developed the FZ-09

Equipped with a 3 cylinder 847cc engine that produces 115 hp and is mated with a 6 speed transmission, this motorcycle is versatile. When you push it, it doesn’t push back, it actually asks for more. As you travel through the power band of the engine you feel your heart beat in line with the increasing RPMs and that’s is what triggers the complete stimulation of the senses. 

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